An Easy Fall Bucket List

My kids laugh when I come up with a new bucket list.  They tell me that bucket lists are only for people that are close to, um…dying. 

I come up with my bucket lists, because one, I like lists and two, I like lists.  Okay, that’s the same reason twice. 

Call me a “list lover” why don’t ya!  I won’t deny it.

And maybe, technically, bucket lists are supposed to be for people getting close to the end of life on this earth.  What do you think?

I could have called this An Easy List of Fun Family Activities, but I like bucket lists better. 

I’m well aware that we really don’t know how much time we have here on earth.  And we don’t know how much time we have with our loved ones.  It could be years.  We hope we have many more years.  But we actually could be spending the last of a season with someone.

I learned this first hand last year when my 17 year old son left home, without asking, to another state.  He really doesn’t like me saying that he ran away. 

Going through many months of hard ache missing him taught me to NOT take any season, any holiday, an minute with someone you love for granted. 

I got to make up a lot of lost time with my son after he came back home thankfully.  But it was this time last year when we were living through the nightmare of trying to get our son back home.

He missed football season with us.  He missed playing his senior year of football.  He missed Thanksgiving with us.  He missed his 18th birthday with us.  He even missed Christmas and New Year’s with us.  And we missed all that with him.

We tried to give our other kids all our love and made a lot of fuss over silly little memories like going shopping for pumpkins and roasting marshmallows. 

But the truth was, our whole family was hurting. 

Fun activities we made ourselves do ended up being blessings to us all.  We made memories and the pain went away for a time.  No one can ever take those memories away from us!

So I made this printable list of easy and fun fall activities to do with your family.  And yes…I call it a bucket list.

Every activity should be free and won’t require you to make a trip to a store to buy supplies.  It’s meant to be short and totally doable.

Now, go out there and make some memories.  Take some selfies with your husband and kids.  Be silly.  Laugh.  Talk. 

And don’t take a minute with your precious family for granted.

One thought on “An Easy Fall Bucket List

  1. Amanda Baker says:

    Great list! So sorry for the heartache yall went through. So glad you got a chance to make up lost time with your son though!!

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