If I show you a picture of one of my cute kids, could you find it in your heart to forgive me for having almost NO content on my site right now?

Could you just try?

Okay, just look at this adorable face…


You might say no to me, but surely, you wouldn’t say no to that doll.

Please forgive me.  Really.

I kept a blog on and off for a few years.  I wrote a lot of random posts about life with kids.

Writing that blog was fun, but now I have decided to share a more specific topic with others on the parenting journey.

I hated really dislike having blank pages on my site while it is under construction, so I decided to fill a few with just honest truth.

What is the honest truth?  Well, it is that this momma is balancing writing with actually getting it on the computer and that takes… you know… time.

So as we say in the south, “Lord willing”, this month (November) I will get more content on here and be a blessing to each on of you.

And you will learn what that special topic is that I love talking about.

I might even post more pictures of my sweet kiddos!

In the meantime, visit me over on Facebook.

And thanks for understanding!


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